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    5 Simple Steps to Achieving a Summer Glow All Year Round

    Popsugar Australia
    Written by Bianca Davino | Popsugar Australia
    Woman on building rooftop in winter

    Opinion: Summer is superior to Winter in every way.

    It's all about sun-kissed afternoons, trips to the beach and not having to lug around hefty jackets to every outing (adding an extra layer of un-needed hassle, if I do say so myself).

    The whole season just exudes an aura of health and care-freeness — it's because that shining goodness we feel during Summer on the inside reverberates on the outside, helping our skin radiate with that glorious, confident glow. Can you tell I'm yearning for that sweet hit of warmer weather right now?

    Although Winter does come with its upsides (snuggling up next to a heater or fireplace with a hot choc will never get old), the toll it can take on our skin is undeniable.

    Cold winds, increased exposure to air conditioners and even a lack of sunlight exposure can cause our skin to become dry, dull and generally lifeless.

    However, there are a few steps we can add to our daily routines to help us maintain that delicious Summer glow year-round.

    1. It Sounds Simple, but Drink Water

    We know how obvious this may sound, but drinking water is a non-negotiable that must be front of mind at all times. I'm so guilty of conveniently forgetting how important water is during Winter, considering walking to and from the car (or anywhere) doesn't induce a workout-level sweat sesh.

    It's the foundation of our holistic wellbeing — there's a solid chance you'll start to feel the impact on the inside when you're not keeping your litres up, but you'll definitely see it on the outside.

    Skin is an organ, made up of cells that require water to function properly. A lack of hydration will present itself immediately by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky — not ideal when trying to achieve a Summer glow!

    While it may not be the most exciting (or warming) drink of choice, embedding it as an essential part of your daily routine is the cornerstone of skincare — so grab an adorable hydro-flask, attach it to your hip and get drinking!

    2. Add a Face Mask to Your Weekly Skincare Routine

    The hype around face masks extends far beyond just how 'grammable they are — a Friday-night-in IG story is never complete without the appearance of a luscious mask. Aside from their self care-heightening qualities, masks can be used as an extra boost for the skin to absorb the ingredients needed to thrive.

    As they're great for all skin types, face masks can help improve circulation leaving you feeling tingly and radiating with a powerful shine.

    Overall, a face mask's ultra-absorbing powers will aid the performance of your moisturisers and serums, helping to double-down on hydration (and provide a serious dose of relaxation).

    Swisse Hylauro-Natural Intensive Hydrating Mask

    3. Get Serious About Serums

    Once you try a serum you'll never go without again — their ultra-hydrating powers are addictive. In fact, they are the unsung hero of any well-rounded skincare regime.

    Serums are fantastic for targeting specific skincare concerns, so using one with active ingredients that promote glow throughout Winter could have you one step closer to dewy perfection.

    They are highly concentrated with the goal of delivering their ingredients directly to the skin's surface due to their fast-absorbing nature.

    Seeking out a serum high in Vitamin B3 or Vitamin E is a powerful anti-dryness armour, improving skin elasticity.

    To combat against Winter-born dullness, looking out for products rich in nourishing ingredients like Jojoba oil will leave you looking fresh.

    Swisse Hylauro-Natural Boost Serum

    4. Getting Quality Sleep Will Make a World Of Difference

    Under-eye bags are our least favourite accessory, and unfortunately they become non-negotiable after multiple nights of bad sleep.

    Although ridding dark circles for good is a total skincare dream, getting a quality 7-9 hours per night can aid the skin in so many more ways.

    During sleep, our skin rebuilds collagen, repairs damage from sun exposure and ultimately, reduces the signs of ageing through it's rejuvenating qualities.

    It won't happen overnight, but prioritising getting quality sleep in the long term will ultimately lead to achieving glowing skin overall.

    5. Consider Switching Up Your Moisturiser With the Seasons

    Paying attention to what your skin needs all year round is essential — especially when it comes to building a skincare routine that promotes glow.

    If compatible with your skin type, switching up your current moisturiser to an oil-based product (especially in Winter) could be the key to illuminating the face with its hydrating powers.

    Oils such as Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil are chock-full of antioxidants that can help replenish and rejuvenate the skin.

    It's also important to seek out products with natural ingredients as some chemicals can contribute to drying out the skin, potentially leading to irritation and dullness.

    Swisse Argan Youthful Facial Oil

    6. Choose a Supplement that Supports Glowing Skin From Inside And Out

    Supporting your beauty from within is key — so considering adding a supplement boosted with the ingredients that promote skin health is a great way to achieve glow.

    A supplement that contains Vitamin C is a suitable option for this as it's a key player in supporting healthy and firm. while helping skin repair and regeneration.

    As collagen also plays a major role in protecting and rejuvenating the skin's matrix, choosing a supplement boosted with the protein could also help in your pursuit to year-round glowy skin.

    Swisse's Collagen Glow with Collagen Peptides

    Some medicines may not be right for you. Read the label before purchase. Follow the directions for use. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

    This article was first published on Pop Sugar Australia here.