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  • Swisse Beauty

    'My Skin Instantly Felt Smooth and Soft.'

    Keryn Donnelly
    Written by Keryn Donnelly | News Editor, Mamamia

    You may have noticed that right now your skin is feeling a little bit meh.

    You're not alone. Ask anyone you know and they'll probably tell you they've been experiencing some form of 'Isolation Skin'.

    Our skin is definitely feeling it, after we've spent the last few weeks working from home and dealing with unusual levels of stress and anxiety, as we learn to cope with the unfolding worldwide pandemic.

    You could be experiencing more breakouts than normal, maybe your skin feels dry and dehydrated, perhaps you've lost your usual dewy complexion.

    Right now, you're probably searching for a product that will rehydrate your poor, dry skin and help restore it to its plump, dewy former self.

    Enter: the Swisse Hyaluro-Natural® Intensive Hydrating Mask. It's a deeply nourishing moisture treatment enriched with a natural botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid. The mask delivers intense hydration to dry, stressed or irritated skin, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

    To help you find out whether it lives up to the hype, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty panel members to road test the Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Intensive Hydrating Mask and report back to us.

    Jessica, 31: "The mask instantly made my skin feel smooth and oh so soft."

    This is a mask you can wear and happily answer the door in." Image: supplied.

    "I used this as an overnight mask. So, I cleansed my face, put my eye cream on, skipped my oil, and instead popped this baby directly onto my skin for an intense and direct hit of moisture.

    I love how simple this product was to use. The mask goes on white, but dries clear and dries quickly, which I love - this is a mask you can wear and happily answer the door in! The mask instantly made my skin feel smooth and oh so soft. It didn’t have that awful tacky feeling that a lot of masks tend to have. Even from the first morning that I tried it, I felt as though my skin looked plump and dewy - the two things I’m craving whilst in isolation. I’ve only been using the mask two to three times a week, but my skin took to it really well, so I could probably increase this.

    As it’s a natural alternative, I believe it would be suitable for all skin types. The consistency also makes it buildable, if you do feel like you need a little extra hydration."

    Despina, 28: "My skin felt hydrated and plump."

    "It's a product I can see myself using long term. " Image: supplied.

    "I used this mask a few times and loved the way it made my skin feel afterwards. Since working from home, I used this as an excuse to stop, take a break and apply. My skin felt hydrated and plump.

    I would apply this with my fingers to a clean, dry face. I'm working from home at the moment, so I'd answer a few emails and then remove with warm water and a cloth. There was no terrible scent which was GREAT!! It's a product I can see myself using long term.

    This mask is perfect for anyone who loves a good hydrating mask. I have dry skin, and can sometimes be sensitive with new products but I had no reaction to this."

    Rebecca, 32: "It gave me a 20-minute break from the kids!"

    "I managed to take a quick bath for a 20-minute break from the kids and I used this for 15-20 minutes.

    At first I found it a little odd, it wasn’t as ‘thick’ as the previous masks I’ve used and it seemed more like a lotion that could be rubbed in. I love that it didn't feel stiff as it dried, some of those masks make it feel like your face is cracking apart. It left my skin feeling nice and plump and I did feel like it had a glow to it."

    Eliza, 29: "The mask was light and smelt fresh and clean."

    "The mask was light and smelt fresh and clean." Image: supplied.

    "It's an easy, light, clean mask which is super hydrating.

    At night, after washing my face, I applied the mask with my hands to my face, neck and chest. I put on a layer that was noticeable to see (not super thick, but more than normal moisturiser amount), then I let it set into my skin for about two hours, before going to sleep. I sleep on a silk pillowcase and didn't notice anything irritating about it overnight or any residue. It was easy and refreshing to splash cool water on my face in the morning to wash it off, and my skin felt great.

    I liked that it was really easy to apply with fingers - not slippery or jelly like, no mess anywhere, and went on my skin really easily. My skin felt smooth and moisturised immediately. The mask was light and smelt fresh and clean, it wasn't tingly on the skin or tightening. I saw results the next morning after sleeping in the mask. I think it would be a great addition to use once a week to help with dry and dull skin - which I have a lot of in isolation!"

    Ellen, 32: "It's a great product for people in their 30s."

    "I preferred to use the product as an overnight mask. Afterwards, I woke up with my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. It also seemed to even out my skin tone nicely. When I used it for only the recommended 15 minutes, I didn’t notice a huge difference. But overnight I quite like the product.

    The Swisse brown bottle feels understated and a little bit sophisticated. The product itself is clean, white and silky to apply. It applies like a moisturiser, don’t use this expecting a thick mask. Even when applied very generously, this product is not sticky and is absorbed readily by my skin. The next morning my skin felt hydrated and smooth.

    I actually really like this as a hydrating product for people with skin changing throughout their 30s and starting to need a bit more moisture than usual. It’s a great savey option!"

    Maddison, 27: "My skin felt hydrated and soft in the morning."

    "The mask smells like rose.” Image: supplied.

    "This is a super great product, a lovely sleep mask, my skin felt hydrated and soft in the morning.

    The mask smells like rose, this smell doesn’t stick around for too long and isn’t overpowering. It absorbs fairly quickly into the skin, and is a little bit sticky but not for the whole night. I think this is a dupe for the Laneige Time Freeze Sleeping Mask, which is a fave of mine.

    As a shift worker (I'm a nurse) with dry skin, I need extra hydration without a lot of fussing about."

    Chloe, 23: "A dupe for the Laneige sleep mask."

    "I preferred to use it as a sleep mask. I am an ICU nurse and my skin has been so dry from the masks. I loved using this with a little bit of Weleda Skin Food for a really hydrating sleep mask.

    It feels lovely and silky, a little bit tacky but I didn’t mind it. I saw results the first morning I woke up after leaving it on.

    I think it’s a dupe for the Laneige sleep mask."

    This post was originally published on Mamamia and republished with full permission.