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    Ash Hart's Self-Care Tips for Winter

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    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Winter can bring a slew of things that are challenging for your health — dry skin, cold sores, colds and flu — so it makes sense that your self-care routine steps it up.

    Don’t have one yet? You probably do. Self-care is all about recognising when you’re not treating yourself well and being willing to take time out to ensure you’re at your healthiest, happiest and most balanced.

    For model and yogi Ash Hart, you’ll find her in warm comfy clothes, cuddling up with soup on the stovetop and herbal tea on high rotation.

    “I love winter, it’s a time to nest, rest and recoup, it comes naturally to nourish yourself with warm home cooked meals, cuddles and more relaxing activities like reading or mediating. Just like nature has its seasons, so do our bodies, it’s important for us.”

    Sundays, her favourite day of the week, are when the Swisse ambassador’s self-care practice goes into overdrive.

    “I go to my group meditation and dharma talk, then I hit ‘Soul Sunday’s’ at my local yoga studio, where we do 90 minutes of flow, followed by a vegan feast. I then go the farmers market and buy all my fresh produce for the week ahead, with of course some beautiful flowers, as a gift to myself and my home.”

    Vegan feasts and flow sequences aside, Hart’s not immune to feeling a tad bleurgh at times.

    “I often find myself feeling a little down if I haven't been in the sun for a few weeks.” See, she’s human, too.

    Ash Hart in pyjamas

    And if she’s feeling unwell in her body, there’s a recovery routine she swears by.

    “Rest, rest and more rest. I believe the body knows how to heal itself by itself, whenever I'm feeling under the weather, there is almost an enjoyable surrender, as I know my only obligation is to relax my mind and body. I become very soft and kind to myself, cook comforting healthy food and jump into bed.

    “If I'm working and don't have that privilege, I meditate more than usual and will stop my daily dose of physical activity being extra particular about what I am ingesting. Alongside this, I’ll be taking my Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin C + Manuka Honey to support healthy immune function and Swisse Women’s Ultivite to help relieve tiredness and fatigue.”

    But for Hart, who is studying an integrative nutrition program with the goal of becoming a health coach, staying well in winter is really about prevention – both inside and out.

    “My skin tends to run dry, which is why I love the deliciously hydrating Swisse oils and creams, the more moisture the better. I’ll use the Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask, Swisse Argan Youthful Facial Oil, Swisse Multivitamin Repair Body Oil, and Swisse Argan Revitalising Eye Cream.”

    What’s typical for her each day, week and month in winter?

    “I meditate daily, I go to the farmers markets once a week and I go to a Korean bath house for a body scrub and oil massage every now and then, along with infrared sauna, steam, mineral bath and cold plunge monthly.”

    If that’s self-care, sign us up.