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  • Mind Health

    Create a "Dream Dome"at Home

    Victoria Hanlon -Swisse Author
    Written by Victoria Hanlon | Swisse Author

    We all need a special space where we can escape and connect with our own heart centre. Somewhere that offers us tranquillity, peace and calm. Meditation can help manage stress1, encourage self-awareness2 and support emotional health3, so it’s well worth the investment of making it a regular practice.

    A Dream Dome is where you can do all of the above. A beautiful haven of serenity, it's a space to relax, meditate and manifest. If you’d like to create your own mini Dream Dome in your own space, try our simple steps below.

    Swisse Dream Dome meditation space

    1. Choose your room

    Meditation is very personal, so choose a room that feels “right” for you. This may be an area that’s the quietest in your house, a room with beautiful lighting or simply a space where you love the energy. It doesn’t even have to be a room – a simple corner separated off with a bamboo screen is perfect. Listen to your own internal dialogue and trust your instincts, they will guide you to the right space.

    2. Make it look beautiful

    Decorate your area with a few items that bring you peace and serenity. This is a very personal process, so choose things that speak to you and offer a feeling of harmony. Remove any clutter and stick to essentials like a cushion, small table and rug, depending on what you need to feel balanced. A touch of nature – such as a plant or flowers – can help connect you with your surroundings and increase gratitude for the beautiful world we live in.

    3. Make it sound soothing

    The definition of “soothing sounds” is whatever works for you – it may be relaxing music, chanting, water trickling or absolute silence. If you live somewhere noisy, then your own mediation soundtrack can help silence distractions from around you.

    4. Make it smell lovely

    The sensation of smell is strongly linked to habit and memory. If you use a particular essential oil or scented candle, you’ll soon associate that smell with the relaxing sensation of your meditative practices. Candles can really assist with mediation, as watching the flame flicker can be very relaxing.

    5. Make it feel good

    The environment of your space is so important. Make sure it’s the right temperature for you and set the room up so that you feel comfortable when mediating. A beautiful cushion, relaxing mat or comfortable chair is important to support your body. Place objects around you that bring serenity and keep a meditation journal close by to write down thoughts that come up.

    6. And go…!

    If you’d like some guidance with your meditation, listen to the session that took place in the Swisse Dream Dome:

    Need some thought starters?

    For inspiration on how to create your own Dream Dome at home, check out how the Swisse Dream Dome was brought to life at Super Bloom Festival: