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  • Skincare Ingredients

    Hemp Is the Important Ingredient Missing From Your Self-care Routine, Here's Why

    Popsugar Australia
    Written by Bianca Davino | Popsugar Australia

    Hemp has infiltrated what feels like every industry over the last few years — and for good reason. Whilst hype surrounding the newly embraced ingredient may have bred scepticism around it's longevity, so many have converted to hemp as a chemical-free, sustainable and clean alternative to widely used oils and protein substitutes.

    With its use extending to manufacturing of clothes, bioplastics, fuel and more, hemp is now an essential player in the wellness game too.

    If, like us, you're constantly looking for ways to evolve your self-care routine in ways that'll give your body and the environment the TLC it needs, there's never been a better time to consider including hemp as a staple. Here's why...

    1. There Are Zero Chemicals Required to Grow Hemp

    It's 2020 — no one enjoys the thought of burdening their body with harmful and unnecessary chemicals, especially when they put the environment at risk.

    As a hemp plant grows, it naturally reduces pests and "chokes out" competing plants, meaning zero pesticides are needed to aid its crop. In turn, hemp is as gentle on your body as it is on mother nature, rendering it ultra-sustainable.

    2. Hemp is a Rich Source Of Skin-Friendly Omega 3 and 6

    Involving oil application as part of your skincare routine is an effective way to promote constant moisture, helping in the fight against lines and wrinkles.

    Naturally high in Omega-3 and 6, hemp based facial oils could further your journey to tighter, stronger skin. As Omega-3 and 6 are "essential fats" (meaning our bodies can't produce them naturally) utilising an oil with high amounts present can elevate your self-care routine help hydrate and soften skin, hair and nails.

    For intense hydration for a healthy glow

    Try Swisse Hemp Seed Enriching Face Oil.

    3. Hemp Is Suitable For Dry and Dehydrated Skin

    Winter is just around the corner, and although we couldn't be more excited to start wearing cute cardigans and cosy-up on the couch, the thrill of cold weather often comes with the dread of dry skin.

    Hemp is known as a "humectant," – meaning it literally attracts moisture to the skin, so, including hemp in your fight against cracked, dehydrated skin could be the trick to maintaining year-round, flawless freshness. Compatible with most skin types, hemp will moisturise and nourish your skin without clogging-up your pores.

    Despite self-isolation regulations keeping us inside, opting for a hemp-based moisturiser could help offer up an enviable, intense glow for every Zoom meeting or Facetime birthday you attend for the foreseeable future.

    For a boost of intense hydration

    Try Swisse Hemp Seed Replenishing Cream Moisturiser.

    4. Hemp Based Products Can Remove Makeup Gently

    Using chemical based toners to remove makeup after a long day can irritate the skin further.

    Hemp is extremely gentle on the skin - a hemp based cleanser can be utilised as a makeup remover, leaving you feeling fresh faced and purified.

    To leave skin soft, supple and hydrated

    Try Swisse Hemp Seed Gentle Cream Cleanser.

    This content originally appeared on Popsugar Australia here.