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    How a Model Maintains Inner Beauty

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    Written by Swisse Wellness

    My wellness is my state of being. I really believe that the baseline of my beauty, health and happiness is being present and in touch with my true self.

    Conscious connecting

    My daily routine is focused on inner wellbeing. I practice meditation twice every day, to nourish my soul and connect me to my inner peace. And it’s no secret that I love yoga. It’s not just a great workout for the body, it makes me feel inspired, creative and balanced. If I can, I love to practice yoga outdoors - the feeling of the sun and air on your face while stretching and focusing is indescribable.

    Ashley Hart

    From the Hart to the mind

    Mindfulness is so important to me. Every morning when I wake up, I collect my thoughts through journaling. I write three pages of whatever comes to mind – the words literally flow from my pen on to the page, an uncensored, unburdened, uncontemplated stream of consciousness. It helps clear my mind of wandering thoughts and allows me to be focused for the day ahead.

    Love your tribe

    I have an innate desire to understand more about my place in the world and how I can have a better impact on myself and those around me. A very important learning for me is to be integral in your relationships, whether that’s friendship or love. Your relationships are a key part of your wellbeing’s lifeblood. It’s important to have a community around you for support, fun, and to challenge you when you need it. My support network grounds me and allows me to really be conscious of what’s most important in life.

    Essentially, my mantra-for-life is self-acceptance. Love who you are and your internal beauty will shine inside out.

    Love from Hart x