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    How Patrick Dangerfield Achieves Balance

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    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Father, partner, friend and sporting legend. Patrick Dangerfield is all those things, so it’s important that he achieves balance within his life, to help him be the best version of himself, on and off the footy field.

    We sat down with Paddy to learn how he takes a holistic approach to mindfulness, movement and nutrition – because there’s much more to wellness than fitness.

    Hi Patrick, thanks so much for talking to us today. Let’s dive straight in – can you tell us what wellness means to you?

    To me, wellness means having a 360 balance in all areas of life, whether it’s at home with the family or at the footy club.

    What does balance mean to you?

    When you have balance, you’re at peace with the different obligations you have in life and don’t feel overloaded by them. You appreciate all that you have and welcome the many different things that life brings you.

    Patrick Dangerfield fishing on a beach

    Let’s move on to mindfulness – How does being mindful allow you to perform on the footy field?

    Practicing mindfulness allows me to feel a sense of clarity about what I need to do next. It allows me to be calmly in the moment, rather than focusing on the outcome of winning or losing.

    Off the footy field, we hear you often practice mindfulness through surfing and fishing. What do you love about these activities and what benefits do they bring you?

    Surfing allows me to unwind. When I’m immersed in the water, the only thing I have to focus on is catching the next wave, or my position in the line up to the next wave. Fishing is a similar experience - it brings me clarity and allows me to focus on one thing.

    Patrick Dangerfield surfing

    Now movement - what’s your typical training session?

    The morning starts with movement prep and injury prevention, then football training (game style and working on focus areas) and in the afternoon we push through a weights program, which is individually tailored to each athlete.

    How do you recover after a big game or challenging training session through movement?

    Salt water is the key element of recovery. Nothing beats walking into the ocean or putting your wettie on and going for a surf. It’s a calming, refreshing and a revitalizing experience all at once.

    What’s a workout you never thought you’d love?


    Patrick Dangerfield at a football field

    And finally, talk us through your nutrition approach. What’s your day on a plate?

    In the morning it starts with oats and an apple. Lunch is catered for at the club and, depending on the day, it’s something like a chicken wrap with veggies. Dinner is always based around training the following day, if the session is big then I generally increase my food intake. If it’s a day off or lighter day it might be fish.

    What’s your favourite go-to meal on your day off?

    I am a massive brunch fan and I love avocado on toast with a sneaky piece of bacon.

    Do you have any top tips for prioritising your nutrition when you’re on-the-go and when life gets busy?

    The challenge I find, especially living an hour from training and two hours from Melbourne, is being prepared early in the week. I design my food intake around my schedule, so I don’t end up turning to the takeaway menu as a last-minute convenience.