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    Move Over Quinoa – Teff Has arrived!

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    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Today, Swisse Wellness announced it will be the first major brand to launch “Wholegrain Teff’ to the Australian market, when it extends its popular Superfood range this October.

    Due to its long list of nutritional benefits and versatile cooking properties, Teff - an Ethiopian grain that has been used in traditional cooking for centuries - is set to take the Australian health food industry by storm.

    “Wholegrain Teff has been used in Ethiopian cooking for centuries, and the Western world is finally catching on to its range of fantastic health benefits,” Simone Austin said, Swisse’s accredited Dietitian.

    “This small but supercharged grain is rapidly growing in popularity as it is jampacked with Vitamin K, protein, iron, calcium and is naturally gluten free.

    “For such a little grain it contains a huge amount of nutrients and should be considered as a regular staple in Australian’s diets for both health promotion and prevention of disease associated with inadequate vitamin and mineral intakes.”

    Wholegrain Teff can be used as a healthy substitute for rice and pasta, sprinkled over cereals, added to salads and soups, or even used to make porridge as a glutenfree alternative to oats. Due to the size of the grain, it also cooks much quicker than millet or quinoa.

    Swisse has also announced that alongside Teff, it will introduce Organic Chlorophyll and Organic Spirulina in an innovative powder format. With Spirulina naturally flavoured with apple and Chlorophyll with berry, the powders are delicious mixed alone with water, or added to smoothies, fresh juices, yoghurt or healthy snacks.

    Swisse Wellness Ambassador, George Calombaris has embraced cooking with superfoods, and has recently spent time experimenting with Teff.

    “Teff is my new favourite supergrain! It tastes great, it’s good for you and can be used in almost any form of cooking,” he said. “I regularly use superfoods in my cooking, as it is such an easy way to not only add natural colour and flavour to your food, but also a massive nutritional hit.”

    Teff, Chlorophyll and Spirulina are part of the Swisse Superfood range and will be available online at, in Chemist Warehouse and leading pharmacies this month.

    The Swisse Superfood range will now consist of 10 natural and premium quality single-nutrient and blended formulas that provide a naturally derived and convenient way to add a nutritious boost to your day.