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    New Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium + Sleep Powder

    Victoria Hanlon -Swisse Author
    Written by Victoria Hanlon | Swisse Author

    If you’re looking for a little support to help you relax and unwind before bed, then there’s a number of things you can consider trying. A warm bath, meditation or a good book can all help you feel more ready to catch some zzzz. You can also try adding a sleep supplement to your night time routine, such as new Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium + Sleep Powder.

    Meet the new kid on the sleep block

    The newest member of Swisse’s Sleep range, Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium + Sleep Powder contains a unique blend of eight nutrients and herbs. It helps promote a restful night’s sleep, helps calm the nervous system* and supports muscle relaxation.

    This premium quality powder is formulated with humulus lupulus, also known as hops*. Hops is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine and assists with restful and refreshing sleep, while also supporting the nervous system.

    Woman stretching in bed

    Calm your body and mind

    Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium + Sleep Powder contains the added benefit of magnesium and calcium, which work together to enable the contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Further, magnesium supports a healthy nervous system and mood balance, to help relax and calm the mind.

    So, consider adding Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium + Sleep Powder to your bed time routine. It comes in a delicious lemon & honey flavour and is to be consumed one hour before bed.

    Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Supplements can only be of assistance when dietary intake is inadequate. *Hops traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine.