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  • Skincare

    To Support Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails, Consider Trying These Three Nutrients

    Popsugar Australia
    Written by Bianca Davino | Popsugar Australia
    Nutrients for strong hair skin nails

    The appearance of your hair, skin and nails often reveals your overall, holistic health.

    Sure, brittle nails, dehydrated skin and dull hair can sometimes be corrected with a little helping hand from our favourite beauty products, however, looking inward and examining what we're fuelling our bodies with is key in creating a healthy foundational shine.

    There are a few nutrients in particular that are known to maintain the health of hair, skin and nails — supporting them will not only have you glistening on the outside, but feeling like a health guru on the inside too.

    In so many ways, it's the most stripped back approach to skincare and self-care (and we love simplicity), so here are three nutrients you should consider trying.

    1. Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is important to our health for a variety of reasons.

    When it's not working to help support your immune system and assist in wound-healing, it's hustling overtime to maintain your hair, skin and nails in a healthy condition.

    How? The presence of Vitamin C is important in producing collagen, a key protein that provides the skin with structure, as well as aids the growth of hair and nails.

    Vitamin C also plays a key role in absorbing iron — a huge part of ensuring the strength of hair, skin and nails. It's also a major player in supporting the process of skin repair, and can reduce free radical damage to body cells.

    In short, Vitamin C is vital in maintaining our overall wellbeing, so keeping its consumption front of mind is crucial to glowing inside and out.

    A diet rich in superfoods like red capsicums, strawberries and kiwi fruits are impactful (and delicious) sources of Vitamin C. Taking a supplement with Vitamin C can also help support healthy hair, skin and nails, however, receiving advice on this from a healthcare professional first is recommended.

    2. Zinc

    Zinc is another totally underrated mineral.

    Whilst its holistic health benefits include supporting heart health and maintaining a healthy immune system, it's also important in maintaining hair, skin and nail health.

    Hair, skin and nail follicles are fast-growing and have a quick turnover, meaning they require Zinc to regenerate cells. Because of this, hair loss and fragile nails (when they break or crack easily) are often signs of Zinc deficiency.

    Zinc is naturally abundant in foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds and lentils and is also known to keep the oil glands around hair follicles functioning at a high level — who doesn't love a good hair day?

    3. Biotin

    Biotin is one of the many members of the B vitamin group, and is known to help strengthen soft, brittle nails to reduce breaking, and supports healthy hair and skin. Biotin is known to be important in body's keratin supplies — the foundational structure of hair, skin and nails. Signs that you aren't getting enough Biotin can include hair loss or a scaly, red rash, so consuming foods like mushrooms, bananas and eggs are key in upping its presence in the body.

    For additional skin health and antioxidant support, taking Biotin with other vitamins and nutrient sources like Vitamin E, Grape Seed and Zinc, could also be beneficial.

    These medicines may not be right to you. Read the label before purchase. Follow the directions for use. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

    This article was first published on Pop Sugar Australia here.