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    Meet Your Glow Girl, Jordan Simek!

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    Written by Swisse Beauty
    Swisse Beauty Glow Ambassador Jordan Simek

    Meet our gorgeous Glow-Getter Jordan Simek! Professional model, natural skin care enthusiast, exercise lover and full-time babe, here are a few things you didn’t already know about her.

    What’s your skin type?

    I have a combination skin type, but also, I tend to be quite sensitive to skincare products, so I lean towards natural products, always thoroughly doing my research.

    Talk us through your morning routine?

    I wake up and first thing’s first is coffee! Without coffee I do not function well, if not at all. I check up on all my notifications when the coffee is consumed and then go give my skin some lovin', wash my face and nourish it entirely before heading out for a morning walk or work.

    What’s the best natural beauty tip that you have received?

    Drink lots of water for hydration and to make your eyes pop, never put your face in the sun and work with the gifts god gave you.

    Current Swisse Skincare obsession?

    I am currently trying out the GLOW range and as much as I am in love with it all, I am obsessing over the Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Moisturising Facial Serum and the Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Hydrating Facial Mask. Now that we are transitioning into winter, I am finding that my skin needs a little more hydration than usual. So, I have been using the mask as an intensive moisturiser… and my skin is LOVING IT!

    What role does wellness play in your life? How do you incorporate it into your daily routine (movement/mind/nutrition)?

    Wellness is really important to me as it shows throughout my job. If I am not taking care of myself my hair, skin, eyes etc will show how I am treating my body. I try and be active at least once a day, that’s not necessarily an intensive workout, its more just getting out for a walk if I can do that at least once a day then my body and mind feels better for it. On my walks depending on my mood I will either use the time to put on an epic playlist and smash it out or take the time to enjoy it and listen to podcasts to expand my knowledge and perspective on things. I often take away some pretty amazing life lessons and feel refreshed.

    My job is naturally quite active, changing, standing up all day so I tend to be quite tired after a full day of shooting. I like to nourish my body with wholesome foods as much as I can. Not over-complicating meals and mainly sticking to a predominately plant based diet and occasionally having seafood.

    I take the time to nourish my skin daily with my favourite skincare products. I am particularly fussy when it comes to skincare; doing a lot of research not only about the ingredients of the products I intend on using, but also the ethos behind the brand. I like to get behind brands that are natural, passionate, honest and environmentally considerate. It’s important to do your research because everyone’s skin is different, and your skin will thank you later when you make more conscious decisions about the brands you are investing in.

    What does Healthy Beautiful mean to you?

    Healthy Beautiful to me means, beauty from the inside out. Beauty has always started from within because the way you treat yourself on the inside shows outward. Giving off an effortless glow.

    What’s your Healthy Beautiful message to the Swisse Squad?

    Remember that beauty starts from within.
    Never be anyone but your gorgeous unique self.
    Glow from the inside out baby!

    Finally, who would you like to do a Swisse Skincare Mask with?

    As much as I would love to do a Swisse spa day with a celeb, I would actually prefer to get together with my best friend Jaye Green. We’d sip wine, have yummy Italian and a girl’s night in doing face masks, talking the night away. We always share beautiful insights into each other’s lives. If I was to do a face mask with a celeb, I would be completely star struck and speechless haha!