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    Swisse Birdcage With Margaret Zhang

    Swisse Logo - Wellness Hub
    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Swisse Wellness has collaborated with Australian stylist and photographer Margaret Zhang, to design its 2015 Spring Racing marquee.

    The Swisse marquee, which is situated on Millionaires Row within the Birdcage at Flemington, was a collaboration between highly regarded Australian interior designer Matt Martino and photographer and stylist Margaret Zhang.

    This year, the marquee has a modern China theme to celebrate Swisse’s venture into, and success in China.

    Margaret photographed and styled a series of striking images; all inspired by 1930s Chinese family portraits.

    “The preliminary mood-boarding and brainstorming phases of our project were certainly the most exciting for me”, says Zhang.

    “The sheer scale of the production makes your mind run wild when visualising what your work will look like when we finally walk through the marquee entrance. I’d never worked with a build before, and I’ve learned so much from our initial meetings about how to approach a space where every single corner contributes to a guest experience”.

    Matt and Margaret have brought their strong skill sets of interior design, fashion styling and photography together to create a truly unique experience.
    “It is a spectacular style to work with when thinking about the ambience required at the Spring Racing Carnival – a strong mix of design and celebration”, says Matt Martino.

    One of the key design elements is taking the idea of the iconic red Chinese birdcage and making it the hero of the marquee. The many other elements inspired by China include a diverse mixture of textures and colour, and use of wallpaper in main spaces.

    The menu is also designed to compliment the setting, with Yum Cha hour at 3pm each day for guests, as well as other delicious light and fresh Chinese-inspired treats
    including green-tea ice-cream and superfood jelly shots.

    For the first time Swisse has extended the love to the space in front of the marquee on Millionaires Row, creating an area for guests and other friends and colleagues to gather when not inside enjoying the Swisse marquee.