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    Swisse named 2015 Australian Human Resources Institute Award finalist

    Swisse Logo - Wellness Hub
    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Swisse Wellness is proud to be listed as a finalist for an Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) Award in 2015.

    The Martin Seligman Award for Health and Wellbeing recognises outstanding strategies and initiatives promoting the health and wellbeing of team members in the workplace.

    As a Wellness company, Swisse considers the health and wellbeing of its team to be of paramount importance. Swisse demonstrated its commitment to upholding the “4Ps” Values – of People, Principles, Passion before Profi – at the beginning of 2015 when the company leaders created a Culture Plan that articulates the initiatives in place to develop, support, engage and reward Swisse's most precious asset – the team.

    The Culture Plan was created to address a very positive challenge: extraordinary growth. By holistically looking after all of its team’s needs, Swisse ensures that the team is ready, willing and able to deliver exceptional results. Health and wellbeing is a key element of the Culture Plan, with initiatives including free yoga, on-site gym, group fitness training, access to naturopaths and healthy snacks in the kitchen.

    Perhaps the greatest commitment of Swisse to its team’s wellness is the meditation program. In collaboration with Jonni Pollard from 1 Giant Mind, Swisse has trained all of its team members in meditation, and dedicates two x 20 minute sessions of practice per day for the team to sit together and meditate. Having the meditation during work hours means the team can focus, declutter the mind and practice mindfulness.
    As part of this meditation program, Swisse has proudly joined forces with La Trobe University to research the effects of meditation on stress, job satisfaction and productivity. Fifty Swisse team members are currently part of a controlled study to measure the results. Through this study, Swisse hopes to inspire other businesses to do the same.
    Catherine Crowley, Swisse Director of People and Culture, said, “At Swisse we truly care about our people. They are fundamental to our success and only by prioritising their health and happiness at work can we achieve our business goal of becoming a Global Wellness Brand.”

    The winners of the AHRI Award are to be announced in December.