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    Swisse New Kids Range

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    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Unleash your little explorers with the NEW Swisse Kids range

    99% sugar free and great tasting, with a money back taste guarantee*

    For parents, encouraging their kids to eat healthily and ensuring they get a balanced diet is a constant challenge. The new Swisse Kids range, suitable for children aged two to 12 years, covers nutritional areas where children may need additional support or where dietary intake is inadequate.

    Many parents worry that their child isn’t eating enough1 and, with 25% to 50% of toddlers classed as fussy eaters and around 95% of school aged children reportedly not consuming enough veggies daily², it’s little wonder why.

    The great tasting, new Swisse Kids formulations are designed for fussy eaters, in chewable tablets and capsules that kids will love. Each product has its own special animal character and comes in a variety of flavours to enjoy (banana, apple, strawberry, vanilla, mixed berry and orange). Including six premium quality formulas that are at least 99% sugar free, the new range supports kids’ general health so they can do what they do best – stay active and explore!

    Stuart Diamond, Swisse Wellness Marketing Director ANZ, says “we know it’s an endless struggle for parents to get their kids to eat a healthy, balanced diet so we’re excited to launch this new range as an additional support to help fill nutritional gaps – and it’s tastier than ever. We’re so confident that kids will love the taste that we’re offering a money back taste guarantee!”

    The new Swisse Kids Range includes:

    Swisse Kids Multi: Naturally strawberry flavoured and formulated with 22 vitamins, minerals and herbs, including Vitamin C and Vitamin D, Zinc and Iodine to help maintain healthy growth and development as well as to support general health and wellbeing

    Swisse Kids Bone Health: Naturally vanilla flavoured and formulated with Calcium and Vitamin D3 to assist with the development and maintenance of healthy, strong bones and to maintain teeth health in children. Naturally derived Vitamin D3 helps to support the absorption of Calcium in bones

    Swisse Kids Immune Health: Naturally apple flavoured and formulated with Vitamin C and Zinc to support immune system function and to help stimulate a healthy immune system response. Vitamin C also supports dietary iron absorption when dietary intake is inadequate

    Swisse Kids Fish Oil: Naturally orange flavoured and formulated with omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. DHA supports cognitive function, brain health and healthy eye development

    Swisse Kids Brain Health DHA+: Naturally mixed berry flavoured and formulated with DHA to support healthy cognitive function and brain health, while Vitamin B5 supports the relief of

    tiredness and fatigue. Also contains Phosphatidylserine, a nutrient important for the structure and function of brain cells

    Swisse Kids Rest + Restore: Brand new this year, naturally banana flavoured and formulated with chamomile, traditionally used in western herbal medicine, to calm and relax the mind and support healthy sleeping patterns to encourage a natural, restful sleep. Also contains magnesium to help maintain muscle relaxation and support a healthy nervous system when dietary intake is inadequate

    For further information on the Swisse Kids range, or to purchase, please visit:

    This medicine may not be right for you. Read the label before purchase. Follow the directions for use.

    Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

    Note to Editors:




    * Money Back Guarantee - Purchase any of Multi, Immune Health, Bone Health, Rest + Restore, Brain Health DHA+, Fish Oil or Probiotic from the Swisse Kids Range from any authorised retailer or online collect the receipt and if your child doesn’t like the taste, simply complete the form on to claim a refund of the purchase price loaded on an eftpos gift card. AU RESIDENTS 18+. Offer available from 27/09/2019 – 27/03/2020. Limit of 1 claim per product per household up to a total of 7 products across the Range. See website for full T&Cs.

    For media information please contact:

    Annabel Jenkins

    [email protected]