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    Meet Your Bright Girl, Laura Byrne!

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    Written by Swisse Beauty
    Laura Byrne, Swisse Skincare Bright range ambassador

    Small business owner, podcaster and full-time Mumma, meet our Swisse Skincare Bright range advocate, Laura Byrne.

    What’s your skin type?

    I would say my skin is on the dry side, especially during winter when it's cold and windy outside and super toasty inside. I also have pigmentation thanks to a wonderful youth spent in the sun and ocean.

    Talk us through your morning routine?

    I usually wake up to my human alarm clock, my one-year-old daughter Marlie. She wakes up at 7am and then I'm up fixing bottles and changing nappies. Once all the baby duties are done I will splash some water on my face, pop on some 50+ SPF, put Marlie in her pram and we usually go for a family walk each morning.

    What’s the best natural beauty tip that you have received?

    Less is more. I used to use skincare with loads of active ingredients, which left my skin tired and super dry. I've found that simple products with less fuss are what work best for me along with not over washing my face.

    Current Swisse Skincare obsession?

    I'm using the Swisse Skincare Bright range and I love it. If you have pigmentation or uneven skin tone, but want something that is not too active or drying, then I really recommend the Swisse Skincare Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum. It's helped to really even out my skin tone and it's a really gentle product.

    Swisse Skincare Blood Orange Brightening Facial Serum and Swisse Blood Orange Brightening Cream Moisturiser.

    What role does wellness play in your life? How do you incorporate it into your daily routine (movement/mind/nutrition)?

    I think when you feel good on the inside you feel good on the outside. Eating well most of the time and exercising are part of my every day because they are a little bit of me time.

    We eat fairly healthy in our household, but we also know the importance of exercise not just for your physical body but also for staying in a good mental space and maintaining your energy levels.

    What does Healthy Beautiful mean to you?

    Healthy Beautiful is more than just skin deep, it is being healthy from the inside out, feeling energised and strong - but having nice skin to go with it is pretty great too.

    What’s your Healthy Beautiful message to the Swisse Squad?

    That your value as a person doesn't lay in the way you look. Be proud and confident in the body and skin that you're in and treat it well, as you only get the one.

    Finally, who would you like to do a Swisse Skincare Mask with?

    Ooooh that's a hard one. I reckon Amy Schumer, we would have a good belly laugh together, I think.