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    Meet Your Renew Girl, Eleanor Pendleton!

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    Written by Swisse Beauty
    Swisse Skincare Renew range ambassador Eleanor Pendleton

    Beauty boss, founder and editor of Gritty Pretty, fresh mumma and total beauty guru, Eleanor Pendleton is our resident Swisse Skincare Renew girl. Learn a thing or two about Eleanor.

    What’s your skin type?

    I have a normal skin type but while I’m breastfeeding my baby, it’s changed to dry.

    Talk us through your morning routine?

    After I've showered and had my morning coffee (both non-negotiables), I like to start by prepping my skin with an Essence or Face Mist. I follow this with a Face Serum, Eye Cream, Face Moisturiser and SPF 50. If I'm working from home (which is all day, every day at the moment!) then I'll replace my Face Moisturiser with a Face Oil like Swisse Antioxidant Rose Hip Face Oil, which is deeply hydrating.

    Swisse Antioxidant Rose Hip Face Oil

    What’s the best natural beauty tip that you have received?

    Let your natural beauty shine through – I love nothing more than showing my freckles and fine lines off even when wearing makeup. Also, drink lots of water!

    Current Swisse Skincare obsession?

    I'm all about face oils and masks at the moment. As we start to move into the cooler months, I'm really enjoying treating my skin with face oil and spending the time to really massage it in.

    At night, I'll always use an oil in place of a night cream. And, because I'm currently home every day, I'm finding myself reaching for a face mask a lot more regularly – I like to mix up my masks and try a different one every 2-3 days and pop one on at night while watching Netflix (perhaps a hydrating mask like Swisse Hyaluro-Natural Intensive Hydrating Mask or one to target pores like Swisse Cranberry Pore Perfecting Clay Mask). A glass of wine is also optional.

    Swisse Beauty Collagen Renew Powder

    What role does wellness play in your life? How do you incorporate it into your daily routine (movement/mind/nutrition)?

    Right now, I think caring for one's wellbeing has never been so important.

    As a mum to a beautiful 3-month old boy and a full-time business owner, I've really had to ensure I carve out that time for myself to look after both my body and my mental wellbeing. Most days, it feels like I don't get a single second to stop but I try where I can to steal those little pockets where I can. It might not happen every day but when things align and I'm able to give myself that self-care, I feel incredible for it. If it means ignoring that growing pile of washing so I can sneak in an online yoga or Pilates class while my baby naps, then I know I'll feel better in the long run.

    I have a wonderful husband who is an excellent cook, but I also love cooking as I find it's like moving meditation - it's really relaxing for me. If I get the time, I love to cook something yummy and delicious for my family and I – like tonight it's kingfish pie for dinner using Bannister's Fish Pie recipe and fresh kingfish my husband caught while spearfishing yesterday. But I'll also admit I've probably made one too many loaves of banana bread during isolation but everything in moderation, eh!? Or, perhaps it's simply writing in my gratitude journal at the end of the day before I go to sleep. I don't do it every night, but I started when social distancing was initially introduced, and I found it to be really cathartic during stressful times. It's so easy right now for any one of us to slip into a negative mindset (we all miss our families and friends and would like COVID-19 to be over!) but if I can try my best to look after my mental wellbeing and remain positive, look for the silver linings and wonderful moments that still happen each day then I'm confident I can be the happiest and healthiest woman, mother and wife I can be.

    What does Healthy Beautiful mean to you?

    Being your happiest, most confident and sincerely true self.

    What’s your Healthy Beautiful message to the Swisse Squad?

    Be you! Own who you are, be proud of who you are and know that your self-worth is priceless.

    Finally, who would you like to do a Swisse Skincare Mask with?

    That is just mean to make me choose!