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    Meet Your Restore Girl, Jessica Vander Leahy!

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    Written by Swisse Beauty
    Jessica Vander Leahy - Swisse Skincare Restore range ambassador

    Aussie model, writer, content creator, presenter, body positivity advocate, podcaster, wow ok… Jessica Vander Leahy is a total dream boat and an advocate for our Restore skincare range. Get to know Jess.

    What’s your skin type?

    Combination – dry in Winter and oily in Summer.

    Talk us through your morning routine?

    I have a big glass of water. When I jump in the shower I cleanse and gently exfoliate my face. If I have time, I give my body a dry scrub before the shower to get the circulation going.

    I'm huge on moisturiser in the morning so I'll pop on a super hydrating moisturiser that sinks in and then a face oil, followed by sunscreen and zinc, of course! I also moisturise my whole body - I've done this my whole life and feel strange if I don't give my skin a drink like this - and let that sink in before I get dressed for the day.

    What’s the best natural beauty tip that you have received?

    Drink lots of water and use natural products where you can to be a little gentler on your bod.

    Current Swisse Skincare obsession?

    The Swisse Hemp Seed Enriching Face Oil. I put it on before bed and it delivers some intense hydration overnight to the point when I wake up in the morning and love touching my smooth, velvety cheeks.

    What role does wellness play in your life? How do you incorporate it into your daily routine (movement/mind/nutrition)?

    Wellness plays a huge role in my life. I pretty much have set up my whole life around supporting a healthy existence for myself. I surround myself with people and activities that I believe are largely positive and try to cut out the toxic acquaintances and stressful situations.

    I have little routines everyday--be it eating healthy, organising my house, going on a run or my self care beauty routines that keep me feeling even and balanced. These little rituals pay off. I actually had a really unexpectedly challenging 2019 where I lost my dad and lots of things changed for me in a very short space of time and I think that it was in this time of crisis I could see the benefits of how I've trained myself to take care of me so I can better help people around me. I find making a commitment to my own wellness is crucial to living my best life.

    What does Healthy Beautiful mean to you?

    Healthy Beautiful to me means embracing who you are as an individual and being the most authentic and enjoyable version of that. It's not putting noxious pressure on yourself to achieve ideals that are not original to you, therefore seeking toxic external validation, but instead finding balance where you're being kind to yourself and constantly finding reasons to have deep gratitude for your life.

    What’s your Healthy Beautiful message to the Swisse Squad?

    I'm so honoured to be in your community and I hope together we can shift the conversation about beauty to really genuine messages of self-worth and care and have fun at the same time!

    Finally, who would you like to do a Swisse Skincare Mask with?

    Oh, I think I would like to do some self-care with Serena Williams. She's a fun, stylish woman who really has been using her body to become the GOAT. I think she would have some fire ideas about how to do downtime perfectly so you can get up and be great again and again.