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    The Ultimate 10-Minute Workout with Tim Robards

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    Written by Swisse Wellness

    Whether you want to add an extra workout to your day or you’re running late and only have 10 minutes to spare, having a quick routine up your sleeve means you can always get the most out of your time. However, it’s essential to make sure your workout pushes your body hard enough. “Using HIIT (high intensity interval training) for short workouts is great because it’s time efficient, muscle building and fat burning,” says celebrity personal trainer and Swisse ambassador Tim Robards. “Shocking your muscles with HIIT will up your metabolic rate and get you burning more fat for the rest of the day as your cells rebuild and repair.”

    While you may be tempted to just fit in a quick run, according to Tim a dynamic HIIT workout actually pushes your body more. “Cardio doesn’t have to be a steady state like on a treadmill. Doing your resistance work at speed will actually get your heart pumping quicker and lungs working harder.”

    For a short fitness session Tim prefers a pyramid style workout. It’s easy to remember, effective and flexible. It generally combines two or three different movements and can be used to focus on different parts of the body. For example, you could decide to combine a lower body and upper body split, a push and pull split (using exercises that require these difference forces), or perhaps a core and extremity split.

    Tim Robards One Hand Pushup

    Tim Robards 10-minute upper body workout

    1. Start by doing 10 chin-ups, then drop down for 20 medicine ball push-ups.

    2. Rest for no more than 10 seconds.

    3. Jump back up for 9 chin-ups (can vary your grips) and then do 18 medicine ball push-ups.

    4. Rest

    5. Continue with both exercises, counting down each round, so 8 chin-ups/16 push-ups, 7 chin-ups/14 push-ups, until you reach zero. Each round, drop one rep of chin-ups and two reps of medicine ball push-ups.

    The aim of this quick work out is to bring your heart rate right up as you hammer through it without stopping. You’ll not only get some great muscle building benefits but you will also get a killer cardio workout as well!